2010 Feb. 22: IN Indianapolis: Feb. 22 Deadline on Public Comment on Outdoor Wood Fired Boilers/Hydronic Heaters Draft Rule LSA#05-332

2010 Feb. 22: IN Indianapolis: Feb. 22 Deadline on Public Comment on Outdoor Wood Fired Boilers/Hydronic Heaters Draft Rule LSA#05-332, see address and phone for comments below:

IDEM (www.idem.IN.gov/6507.htm)

A Notice of Public Comment period and Draft Rule


Out Door Wood Fired Boilers/Hydronic Heaters

(not wood stoves or fireplaces they are already have been test and certified by USEPA)

Deadline February 22, 2010

Speak up now or for ever hold your breath!

IDEM’s Proposed Requirements in Black our Comments in Blue”
(their new rules not ours)
All Units:
Only burn clean wood or other approved fuel
(This is a no brainier)
Smoke plume with less than 20% opacity (the amount of light blocked by particulates)
(Requires a sun lit day, and most folks heat their homes and water for showers or baths in the evening and or early morning hours, not much sun light during those periods)
Newly Manufactured Units:
Must be certified through US EPA’s voluntary outdoor hydronic heater program.
Existing Units Not Certified Through the U. S. EPA Program: (Over 135 in LaPorte County)
Must have a stack 5’-0” higher than a neighbor’s building (within 150’-0”)
(This will not work because of inversion where hot meets cold the smoke with terrible emissions is driven to the ground and carried many feet, making life miserable for anyone in its path)
Cannot operate from May to September:
(We are to suffer through April, October and part of November so these folks can heat water for showers and baths)  Also beginning or end of May to September?
They Forgot or Did They?
*Citizens Health affected by these units operating 24/7.
*Nuisance and the rights of neighbors who are affected by these units 24/7.  USEPA states:
“No person shall cause or allow emissions of air contaminants to the outdoor atmosphere of such quantity, characteristic or duration that are injurious to human, plant or animal life or to property, or that unreasonably interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property.”
*Never to be installed in a minor or major sub division unless they meet USEPA Certified wood stoves and fire places particulate emissions limit 7.5 grams per hour.
*Set back distance from a neighbor should be at least 500’-0”.
*Property values affected by units installed in neighborhoods. Would you live next to one?  Would
you have a problem living next to a geo thermal system?
Mailed Comments: #05-332 (APCB) Outdoor Hydronic Heaters
                                    Susan Bem Mail Code 61-50                                   (phone 800-451-6027)
                                    Rule and SIP Development Section
                                    Office of Air Quality
                                    Indian Department of Environment Management
                                    100 North Senate Ave
                                    Indianapolis, IN 46204

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