2010 Jan. 21: NJ: Haddonfield: (Wood Smoke complaint) Budget, Smoke and Signage Concerns in H’field

2010 Jan. 21: NJ: Haddonfield: (Wood Smoke complaint) Budget, Smoke and Signage Concerns in H’field

by Julie Dengler 22.JAN.10
In the calm before the storm of the difficult budget season forecast for February, the Haddonfield commissioners’ meeting last week consisted of the reading of two ordinances and public comment on two resident concerns.

Commissioner and director of finance, Jeff Kasko, Sharon McCullough, the borough CFO, 
Linden Avenue resident Walt Delengowski and his wife, Marianne Jones, raised concerns over what they describe as hazardous wood fires being burned in their neighborhood. Delengowski, a retired engineer, provided commissioners with documentation from his personal research about the dangers of inappropriate wood smoke, both from outdoor fires, such as chimineas or patio fireplaces, and indoor fireplaces. The couple claims that the air quality in their home “makes [their] quality of life unpleasant” because of second-hand smoke from irresponsible wood burning in the neighborhood. Jones said she is forced to cover her face with a towel when a neighbor burns a wood fire.
Delengowski feels the bad air comes from people burning wet wood in fireplaces, as well as from burning pressure treated or painted wood, or wood particulate, which is a synthetic product that, according to Delengowski’s research, releases arsenic into the air when burned. He said he wants “a ruling from Haddonfield” as to whether the borough “permits people to burn wood” and how violators may be “shut down by police.”
Both Mayor Tish Colombi and Commissioner Jeff Kasko agreed to discuss the couple’s concerns at the next borough work session and follow up.

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