2010 Jan. 10: CA Bay Area: Third consecutive Winter Spare the Air Alert in effect


2010 Jan. 10: CA Bay Area: Third consecutive Winter Spare the Air Alert in effect



Sunday, January 10

Use of wood-burning devices is prohibited


The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is issuing the


Winter Spare the Air Alert of the season for Sunday, January 10, which bans

burning wood, manufactured firelogs or any other solid fuel, both indoors and outdoors.

“Due to weather conditions, air quality will remain unhealthy on Sunday, making it hard

for people to breathe," said Jack Broadbent, the Air District’s executive officer. “Wood

smoke pollution presents serious public health risks and it is essential that Bay Area

residents not burn wood until the alert is lifted."

Wood smoke is a major source of wintertime air pollution in the Bay Area and contains

harmful pollutants such as particulate matter and carbon monoxide, as well as toxins

such as dioxin, which is linked to increased cancer rates in adults. In the winter, wood

smoke from the 1.4 million fireplaces and wood stoves in the Bay Area contributes

about one-third of the harmful particulate pollution in the air.

Air quality in the Bay Area is forecast to be unhealthy due to weather conditions that will

trap the smoke in the air. During this Winter Spare the Air Alert, it is illegal for Bay Area

residents and businesses to use their fireplaces, woodstoves and inserts, pellet stoves,

outdoor fire pits, or any other wood-burning devices.

The public must check before they burn during the Winter Spare the Air season which

runs from November 1 through February 28. The daily burn status can be found:


On the Air District Web sites: http://www.baaqmd.gov or http://www.sparetheair.org


Via the toll-free hotline 1-877-4-NO-BURN (complaints can also be filed

via the hotline)


By signing up for AirAlerts at http://www.sparetheair.org or by signing up for

phone alerts at 1-800-430-1515.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (

http://www.baaqmd.gov) is the regionalagency chartered with protecting air quality in the Bay Area.

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