2010 Jan. 30: OH Jackson Township (Muskingum County): Wood-burning stove burns down house

Wood-burning stove burns down house

BY ABBEY ROY • Advocate Reporter • January 30, 2010  

JACKSON TOWNSHIP — The residents of a Jackson Township farmhouse were able to escape with a few handfuls of clothing and valuable documents before the home was destroyed by a fire Friday.

Daniel Brown, 66, and his wife, Nancy Brown, were safe after the fire Brown said began in a wood-burning stove on the outside of the rear of the two-story wood-frame home.

"That’s why I put (the stove) outside," he said as he watched the firefighters put out the blaze. "So it wouldn’t catch the house on fire."

He didn’t know about the fire until his electricity went out while he was watching television, he said. At first thinking the fire was limited to the chimney area, Brown attempted to put it out himself, but the blaze became out of control before he could stop it, he said.

Hanover, Frazeysburg and Dresden fire departments were called to the fire at 10480 O’Dell Road at 11:20 a.m., a Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher confirmed. The blaze was contained at 3:02 p.m.

The Muskingum Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross will assist the Browns with funding for clothing and food.

Brown, who owns the 39-acre property where the home is located, said he hopes to build a new house — perhaps a log cabin — on the site of the century-old home where the couple has lived for more than 20 years.

As he watched streams of water beat down the flames leaping from the roof of the old farmhouse, Brown took a moment to hope for a positive on the horizon.

"I’ve wanted to live in a log cabin all my life," he said.

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