2010 Jan. 29: CA Fresno: COMMENTS on Wood burning

2010 Jan. 29: CA Fresno: COMMENTS on Wood burning
WhoOwnsTheAir wrote on January 29, 7:58 AM:

Hey Offroad Whack-o

Then I hope you get fined again and again.The state sure needs your money!

Hey! Maybe they can lower my taxes then…Thanks!

IF you burn matters. How many people burn matters. You can choose to take personal responsibility to limit your impact on our (not just yours and not just mine) air, or when it gets bad enough, a nanny watchdog kind of system becomes necessary.  Don’t like it? Suggest another way to more fairly handle the problem. Just sticking out your lower lip, pouting, and angrily saying you refuse to follow the rules cuz they’re not fair doesn’t impress me as a mature, civic-minded, helpful response. Name calling and threats to engage in "air tagging graffiti" for your gang of choice (you, yourself, and you) isn’t particularly impressive either.
  •  wrote on January 29, 9:16 AM:
  • Although your EPA certified wood stove does not emit visible smoke it still emits pollutants and particulate matter. Saying that wood can be burned clean is like saying coal can be burned clean, it is just not true. You may be able to reduce your impact on your neighbors but not eliminate it. The only way to do so is not burn at all. Ms. Gorder is absolutly right, "it isn’t the woods fault", wood doesn’t burn itself!
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