2010 Jan. 15: IN: OWB rules: Will rule-making address health concerns?

2010 Jan. 15: IN: OWB rules: Will rule-making address health concerns?

Published: Friday, January 15, 2010 8:17 AM CST
Folks, it appears that the governor and IDEM are trying to convince us that the outdoor wood fired boilers are safe and we should all have one next door. They want to have them operate nine months out of the year. They are not going to do anything with existing units that the USEPA states are a health concern.

They state that this rule-making will address health concerns about emissions from these units while maintaining their usefulness and availability in Indiana. Are they kidding?

If you go to any site on the Internet and ask about OWB’s and the health affects you will be overwhelmed with information.

We have over 135 of those older units in La Porte County.

Putting aside the health issue would you purchase a home where one of these outdoor wood fired boilers were a neighbor or down the street? Sellers’ real estate disclosure documents ask about any environment issue that you are aware of. How does a seller handle that one?

It is your health and pocketbook. Take a strong look and register your comments to IDEM. Go to Indiana Register under LSA 05-332 and read for yourself. Deadline is Feb. 22, 2010.

— Jim Donnelly

La Porte

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