2010 Feb. 3: NH Keene: Stove vouchers still available

RAWSEP’s View: Don’t burn wood, period.
2010 Feb. 3: NH Keene: Stove vouchers still available

A program that gives incentives to Keene residents who swap out their old wood stoves for cleaner burning models has been extended.

The program will continue until March 12 after originally scheduled to stop at the end of January.

Participants are given a $1,000 voucher when they trade their old stoves for wood stoves, pellet stoves, natural gas or propane heating appliances that meet a certain level of clean-burning certification.

Those who buy a new pellet stove are also eligible for a free ton of pellet fuel, according to the N.H. Department of Environmental Services.

The N.H. Department of Environmental Services has shown that Keene has, at times, high levels of fine particulate matter — pollution that can include residue from construction, windblown dust, burned fossil fuels or wood, or vehicle combustion.

Weather patterns and Keene’s topography act as a “perfect storm” for high levels of particulate matter, Planning Director Rhett W. Lamb said. He described how, on cold winter nights, particles become lodged in the air above Keene because of a lack of enough air movement to move the matter over the valley and hills.

The wood stove changeout program is a cooperative effort between the state’s environmental services department and the city of Keene, with support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, area wood stove retailers and the Virginia-based Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association.

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