2010 Feb. 4: MN: Minnesote air pollution alert: COMMENTS on If Your Lungs Hurt, This must be an alert

2010 Feb. 4: MN: Minnesote air pollution alert: COMMENTS on If Your Lungs Hurt, This must be an alert


submitted by justpbob

Feb 4 2010 — 1:24pm

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has issued a an air pollution alert for the southern half of Minnesota, which includes the Twin Cities, today through Friday. Central Minnesota is under a health advisory. The problem today is particulate pollution, which can come from coal-fired power plants and vehicle exhaust. Today the state legislature begins its session, and they will be talking about green energy, among other things. The folks at the state motorpool are doing their share, too. What about you?

 Reader Comments

Wondering Feb 4 2010
2:59 pm

Does this explain my dizzy spell earlier today?

Perhaps. It can certainly make things tough on outdoor athletes, bike commuters, the very young, the very old, and folks like me with bum lungs.

So among the ameliorative activities one could take part in… Bob’s written most of them off.  I’m not anti-clean air, I just can’t tell the difference between the toilet water I’m drinking air I’m breathing this week compared to the last. I haven’t been out riding much, but I still jog the first leg of my trip to the bus stop before and after work.

You’d think the particulates would be removed from the air by the precipitation we’re also receiving.

If you go outside and hear kind of a clanking sound, it’s particulates bouncing off each other. 

That hollow sound was one hitting my head.

the liquid lenz Feb 4 2010
7:33 pm

Maybe that explains why I had to stop to catch my breath more often than usual this morning skiing at Battle Creek.  S’pose I should look at the newspaper before I go out in the morning.  
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