2010 Feb. 15: NY Buffalo: Opinion: Don’t waste energy‏

2010 Feb. 15: NY Buffalo: Opinion: Don’t waste energy‏

I don’t care about global climate change as a reason to do something about the way we live. Firstly lets look at our outrageous energy usage. We are bankrupting ourselves letting the pigs run us into the ground. You see somebody wasting gas just to be annoying remember that whole balance of trade thing. That guy with the monster truck and the suck this Al Gore bumper-sticker and think traitor I don’t care if he’s got the semper fi sticker right next to it. The Pentagon had scientists look at global climate change and whether it is man made or not it is a national security issue. You hear a lot of the lunatic right talking Drill Baby Drill but they don’t seem to realize that the oil companies could and decided it wasn’t profitable because there wasn’t enough there to Drill for we are tapped out. There is no two ways about it just on national security grounds it should behoove us to use less energy.

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