2010 Feb.17: TX Houston: Anti-idling law resolution

Houston moves forward with clean air standards

By ANDREA CASTILLOacastillo@macon.com

WARNER ROBINS — The Houston County Commission unanimously approved Tuesday a resolution for the county to take steps to ensure adherence to state and national environmental standards.

Under the Middle Georgia Clean Diesel Corridor Resolution, Houston County would take measures such as enacting an anti-idling policy for county vehicles and promoting the use of clean fuels.

The county will work with the Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition, made up of 13 cities and seven counties in the region, to take steps toward complying with standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

Houston Commission Chairman Ned Sanders said he wanted the county to become an example for nearby communities in achieving those goals and show that to policymakers at the federal level.

“We want to project the image that we’re proactive and up front,” Sanders said.

Sanders expressed concern that the county’s proximity to Bibb County, which is federally designated as a non-attainment area concerning particulate matter and ozone standards, would have a negative impact locally.

Non-attainment status in Houston could have a negative impact on industry, Robins Air Force Base and federal funding for roads.

“It is a serious limitation on a municipality or county,” he said.

Sanders will travel to Washington, D.C., in March to meet with Congressional representatives, EPA air quality directors and the White House Council of Environmental Quality on the matter.

To contact writer Andrea Castillo, call 256-9751.

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