2010 Jan. 26: MO, Ozarks: logging, but carbon offsets

arnold, ca
January 26th, 2010
8:06 am
This article was disturbing in that it made it sound like there is a great natural native forest here that is a rich ecosystem and they are going to encourage MORE logging in it! in the name of carbon. Is that what would be good for the Amazon rainforest — just log it more to make more carbon? Science shows that intact older forests sequester more carbon than younger forests and than plantations. To go into this forest and buid roads, clearcut then continue to increase timber "rotations" as implied is bogus science and a pure forest ponzi scheme. The clearcutting or "intense forest management " a s forest industry is touting damages ecosystems, watersheds, and wildlife. More logging will increase CO2 emissions through burning of slash and soil carbon disturbance and down wood burning. I hope this project is a really good one and not just one that the Bernie Madoff;s of the forestry industry haven’t dreamed up.
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