2010 Feb. 18: IN: Residents of Northern Indiana: Protect yourselves

Residents of Northern Indiana: Protect yourselves

Published: Thursday, February 18, 2010 8:14 AM CST
IDEM is asking for a second round of comments for rulemaking to regulate outdoor wood fired boilers or hydronic heaters. This does not apply to indoor wood burning appliances that are certified by the USEPA not to exceed 7.5 grams of particulate emissions per hour. One

OWB produces as much fine particulates as 1,000 gas furnaces, or four diesel trucks idling in your yard.  IDEM wants to set units back from a neighbor’s property by 150 feet. IDEM wants a 5’0” stack height over neighbor’s buildings; IDEM wants no operation of OWB’s from May to September, what about April and October. IDEM wants visible smoke plumes to not exceed 20 percent opacity, but this can’t be measured at night when most folks load up their OWB’s. You measure opacity on a clear sun lit day.

New OWB’s made for 2010 still produce two to four times more particulate matter than current EPA certified wood stoves. What about the existing 8,000 plus OWB’s in Indiana that USEPA states are a health concern because of the excessive smoke?  What about them?  What rules will apply to them and the health risk they pose to all of us? Finally, can our property values take another hit?  As OWB’s become more widely known as neighborhood health hazards, resale values are sure to be affected throughout the state. There are far better and healthier methods to save on heating bills.

Contact Susan Bem (IDEM) at (800) 451-6027 and ask how to make your comments know to IDEM, you have until Monday. See www.idem.IN.gove/6507.htm or Indiana Register LSA 05-332 for comment information.

— Jim Donnelly

La Porte

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