2010 Feb. 8: NY Nassau: Letter to the editor: Ban Outdoor Wood Boilers

Ban outdoor wood boilers

To the editor:

It’s right, but seems somewhat hypocritical that New York state sues polluters in other states that affect the air we breath and then turns around and does nothing about the pollution generated in New York. The pollution I am talking about is particulate matter 2.5 generated from outdoor wood boilers. New York state Department of Environmental Conservation estimates there are 40,000 units in our state. Let’s see, one unit causes as much pollution as 50 diesel trucks. Do the math. I wonder why states are not suing New York state?

Wait a minute… first lets go back to that word "particulate matter 2.5." What does that mean? It’s the smoke filled with particles so fine that when you breathe them they are trapped in your lungs. These stoves are mostly the ones the federal Environmental Protection Agency did not certify, but wait. There are new outdoor wood boilers that are coming out. Is this good news? No. The amount of particulate matter 2.5 is reduced, but not enough to meet the EPA standards required for indoor wood stoves. They do not even meet the state of Washington’s standards. That is why they are still banned in that state. Don’t get me wrong, Washington state has indoor woodstoves. I have one. Outdoor wood boilers cannot meet their emissions standards because the design is to starve the fire of its oxygen. Why are outdoor wood boilers allowed higher emissions than those for indoor wood stoves? Some say the EPA is in bed with the manufacturers.

New York state has soot on their face. They have allowed New York taxpayers to buy there stoves knowing they are big generators of pollution. The stoves are a big investment, say $7,000 and up. What kind of government do we have here in New York? They should take some of that money from the lawsuits and give those consumers their money back. They should ban all outdoor wood boilers and adopt Washington state air quality standards. Then we can save money on health care. The government wants you to lose weight and be healthy then they turn around and let you breathe the polluted air? It seems to me that both Paterson and Cuomo are hypocrites. Do something. Outdoor wood boilers can run all year long spewing particulate matter 2.5 just for heating hot water. Insane. There goes opening your windows in the summer, playing in your yard, my kid and your kid. To see my first-hand experiences with outdoor wood boilers go to YouTube, keywords "How the US Government is controlling the population with PM 2.5."

John Lichak, Nassau
February 08, 2010
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