2010 Feb. 20: OH: A RAWSEP member’s view of the OH proposed OWB regulations

Here’s a WI Lung Association quote: 


“Wood-fired boilers aren’t just a nuisance. The smoke from them can be dangerous to people’s

lungs, especially those with lung disease, diabetes, heart problems, children and the elderly,”

said Shelly Kiser, Director of Advocacy at the American Lung Association in Ohio. “People trying

to save money on heating bills shouldn’t do so in a way that harms the young, elderly, and



But, the regulations they’re requesting are really inadequate:


*Require any stack on an outdoor wood-fired boilers to be at least 5 feet above any structure

within 150 feet.

*Ensure installation of a wood-fired boiler be at least 200 feet from adjoining property lines.

*Prohibit operation of a wood-fired boiler between April 15 and September 13.

*Ensure that wood-fired boilers may burn only wood that has no paint, stains, or other type of

coatings, and/or no wood that has been treated.

*Ensure operation of a wood-fired boiler does not cause a nuisance to surrounding neighbors.

*Apply to all wood-fired boilers, both future installations as well as boilers currently in



The nuisance provision is just lip service unless it’s specific, like what Maine has (can’t have a visible plume for more than 15 minutes on neighbor’s property). 


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