2010 Feb. 23: MT Libby (Lincoln County): County issues burning reminder

2010 Feb. 23: MT Libby (Lincoln County): County issues burning reminder
Posted: Tuesday, Feb 23, 2010 – 11:09:30 am MST

By The Western News
The Lincoln County Department of Environmental Health reminds residents that a ban on open burning continues through the end of February statewide and through the end of March for those in the Libby Air Quality Impact Area.

Erik Leigh, environmental technician with the county, said officials have been finding large plumes of smoke in the Libby and Troy areas as people take advantage of good weather and clean up yards.

“Small amounts of yard waste may be burned only during April,” Leigh said. “Management burning may be conducted April through October. If you plan on doing any burning at all then please contact us for a permit before you burn.”

The use of burn barrels is prohibited, year round across the state.

For those who want to dispose of leaves, they can be bagged and taken to the landfill free of charge.

“Leaves do not generally burn well and they produce a lot of smoke that just adds to our particulate problems,” Leigh said.

Open burning is banned statewide from December through February and in the Libby Air Quality Impact Area from November through March.

“You may only burn during these specific months and you must have a permit and prior approval on good air quality days,” Leigh said. “We will maintain the air quality hotline for that purpose.”

For those who plan on burning within Lincoln County, call 293-7781, ext 228 for general information. For a permit, call Kendra Lind at 293-7781, ext 220.

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