2010 Feb. 27: IA Muscatine: Involvement shows residents care about local air quality

2010 Feb. 27: IA Muscatine: Involvement shows residents care about local air quality

Leland Searles | Posted: Saturday, February 27, 2010 10:00 am
On behalf of the Iowa Environmental Council, I’d like to thank the residents of Muscatine who came to the community forum on air quality on Saturday, Feb. 20.
The Iowa Environmental Council is a statewide, non-profit organization that actively works in public policy to protect Iowa’s water, soils and air. It was a pleasure to talk with several of you at the forum.
We talked about fine particulate matter, which can cause and worsen illnesses of the throat, lungs, and heart. It has been the leading cause of pollutant concern in Muscatine and other parts of eastern Iowa for several years. It is the Iowa Environmental Council’s hope that proactive steps can be taken in state and local policy and in voluntary responses from the various economic sectors that are involved, so that reactive enforcement actions are fewer and even unnecessary.
It is encouraging to know that so many Muscatine citizens and business persons take an interest in these issues. I encourage you to continue your efforts toward a healthier Muscatine. There are many options to explore, such as cleaner-burning energy for electricity and industrial uses, better public health tracking of pollution-related diseases, and regional reductions in the pollutants that contribute to Muscatine’s situation.
Know that the Iowa Environmental Council can provide information and other forms of support. For more information, please contact me or visit our website at www.iaenvironment.org.
Leland Searles
Des Moines, Iowa

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