2010 Feb. 28: IN: IDEM to consider rule changes to outdoor wood furnances‏

2010 Feb. 28: IN: IDEM to consider rule changes to outdoor wood furnances‏

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No Comments By Chris Keller on February 28th, 2010

2010 Feb. 28: IN: IDEM to consider rule changes to outdoor wood furnances

Category: Environment, Indiana
State officials have proposed new rules for outdoor wood furnaces that could — among other stipulations — limit their use to the winter months, according to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management Web site.
Last week, the agency closed a second public comment period on changes to regulations, which include restricting the burning season to September through May, cutting smoke limits in half and requiring smoke stacks to be 5 feet higher than the top roof of neighboring homes within 150 feet of the unit.
Newly purchased units also would have to meet efficiency rules and burn a cleaner, dry wood that creates less smoke.
According to IDEM:

In every way “a hot topic,” outdoor hydronic heaters (also referred to as outdoor wood boilers or outdoor wood furnaces) are front and center in a current effort to protect the air you breathe. Indiana is proceeding with rulemaking that will regulate the purchase and use of outdoor hydronic heaters, joining other states that have already adopted similar rules.
Emissions from an outdoor hydronic heater can cause air pollution problems when not sited, installed or operated properly. U.S. EPA has not developed national legislation at this time, but is relying upon voluntary measures and state and local regulation to control emissions from outdoor hydronic heaters.

You can read the second notice of a comment period on regulation changes to outdoor wood furnaces here.

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