2010 March 3: MN Brainerd: COMMENTS against wood burning in wood boiler

2010 March 3: MN Brainerd: COMMENTS against wood burning in wood boiler

Reader Comments

Posted by: JohnyThompson at Mar. 3, 2010 at 9:34:21 am
Paul, wood boilers are known for their excessive smoking. That’s why many communities ban them. The fact that your house doesn’t smell like smoke isn’t unusual. Smoke, when warm goes up and away from your home, only to cool and settle like a pall over the rest of the neighborhood.

There are ways of burning wood that is vastly more efficient than wood boilers.

The rest of your post is chock-full of non sequiturs. One doesn’t have the space to address them all.

Posted by: morquinn at Mar. 3, 2010 at 12:23:05 pm
Paul, your comment was good until you mentioned something. You told these people to stop complaining about a little smoking blowing through their yards….yet you sit there and complain about having to walk through a cloud of cigerette smoke. You can hold your breath for 2 seconds cant you? Unless you eat at a restraunt for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, I hardly think the effects will be worse than the people mentioned in this story.
Posted by: fishhead at Mar. 3, 2010 at 1:17:15 pm
It’s obviously a problem. Fix it or shut down. Surely there must be practical solutions.

Posted by: stepshoe at Mar. 3, 2010 at 1:24:07 pm

I drive by that place every morning and their outdoor burner really smokes. Somedays the smoke cloud is so thick on Hwy 371 that it obsures oncoming traffic. Why doesn’t MNDOT write a ticket for a traffic hazard? Also the business is junky looking and an public eyesore too. What a terrible place to see when someone comes up from the cities to visit Brainerd. Looks like a salvage yard. Seems as if the owners are bad neighbors.

Posted by: morquinn at Mar. 3, 2010 at 5:20:53 pm

"The condition that has not been met is the requirement to control its outside smoke from its wood-burning stove to make sure it’s not a nuisance to neighboring properties. The smoke smell was discussed for more than an hour with about a handful of residents at the meeting."

No proof of smokiness? So why are they saying conditions have not been met? Not sure what to think about saying the grandkids have health issues because of it…it is probably something already there, but the smoke isnt helping anything.

Posted by: ordy48 at Mar. 3, 2010 at 8:53:25 pm

I am a neighbor to the Strobel’s and also to Big Wood Timber. I have also attended several of these townhall meetings.

To set the record straight, Big Wood Timber owners seldom attend any of the township meetings even when they are the ones being discussed about violations. The Company has been given numerous warnings and extensions by the township board over the past three years to clean up their property.

Notice in the news article that Big Wood Timber has 14 unresolved problems to correct, to include the smoke issue. Smoke is only one of the problems to be corrected. The other problems they have relate to Big Wood not meeting property setback requirements from all property lines and piling Big Wood trash and wood on the Strobel’s property.

I also get heavy smoke from Big Wood Timber along with alot of soot and ash. All nearby property owners have the right to be able to live on their land without being covered in smoke and ash daily. No one has the right to pollute and harm others just to make a dollar. Big Wood Timber prospered for 9 years in the same location without polluting the entire neighborhood with heavy smoke and ash. Why not convert the outdoor burner to either gas or fuel oil and get the township and the neighborhood off their backs?

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