2010 Feb 20: AK Fairbanks: COMMENTS against wood burning

2010 Feb 20: AK Fairbanks: COMMENTS against wood burning
blacklung wrote on Saturday, Feb 20 at 11:55 AM »
the air around woodriver school and the surrounding neighborhood are absolutely disgusting. and I’m not talking about in 30 below. It’s been disgusting all week in these high temperatures. The school children play in the dense yellow brown smoke. the teachers arrive to work in the morning only to be greeted by the smell of coal smoke. a dark haze umbrellas the school. hundreds of people are affected. students have headaches at the end of the day because the halls and classrooms smell like chimney flues. this is not an exageration. government in lives?who gives a rip. let’s just use common sense and protect health. who is against that? idiots who want to save a dime. I am happy the city is trying to do something.
spaceman wrote on Saturday, Feb 20 at 11:37 AM »
You wood burners have no one to blame but yourselves. Two residents in my neighborhood have outdoor boilers. When they are fired up, the air near my house stinks of coal, damp wood, and who knows what else. The pall of smoke lays about 50 feet off the ground and covers the local school. Does you right to burn wood trump my right to breath clean air?
Oh please wrote:
How does that in any way refute the fact that outdoor wood boilers are being used in a way that results in a large amount of pollution, 1ahha?

However, some of us have neighbors who have their nose stuck our business and on the phone complaining 98% of the time.

Yeaahhhh… That WILL happen when you’re burning coal in wood boiler in a residential neighborhood. But, by golly, it sure isn’t the fault of the guy using the boiler irresponsibly. It’s the neighbors‘ fault!

My nose and eyes tell me the 2.5 issue is a scam, a fraud to justify getting some Obama bucks.

Your paranoia aside, it still doesn’t change the fact that those using wood boilers are bringing this upon us. If you want to support those people by having to get YOUR wood burning equipment inspected, knock yourself out. I don’t want to be responsible for them.

Why don’t you people get it. PEOPLE USING WOOD BOILERS IRRESPONSIBLY IS GOING TO COST YOU MONEY. Why would you support that??

Cite evidence, please.

You guys are unbelievable.

I know it’s good fun to bitch and complain about the Big Bad Gubmint (until your dividend and pork comes in. lol), but let me get this straight: This situation is not the fault of a group of people who installed wood-burning devices that put out UP TO TWENTY TIMES THE POLLUTION of an average wood stove. It is fault of the Big Bad Gubmint for enforcing the clean air laws?

You guys do understand that wood boilers are designed to go on a piece of property several acres in size, not on a quarter-acre subdivision plot, don’t you?

As a side note, where are all the Alaskan ‘libertarians’ who should be in here pointing out that it’s only OK to do what you want on your property as long as it doesn’t harm the rights of others?

Your complaint isn’t with the government for enforcing laws that a VAST MAJORITY of citizens support. Your complaint is with the irresponsible wood burners who are bringing this upon us.

As a responsible wood burner I can tell you that I’m going to be pretty damned pissed if the irresponsibility of others ends up costing me money in some way…  sure don’t know about this idea of buying out wood boiler owners, though…

Please allow me to play Republican Devil’s Advocate on this one: I know how, as Republicans, we all enjoy fantasizing about withholding welfare benefits from those we deem to have made poor life choices.

Given this fact, why should I, as a borough tax payer and good Republican, be forced to pay taxes to buy out someone who convinced themself it was a good idea to install a wood boiler in a residential neighborhood, against manufacturer recommendations and with such a disregard for their neighbors?


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