2010 Feb.: PA: Letter of Pennsylvania citizen


I would like to add my comments regarding the use of OWB in communities and my personal plea to ask you to

ban their use. Woodsmoke exposure is destroying our health and our environment.

Scientific evidence now supports the claims that woodsmoke emissions are toxic, deadly and people are dying

from this form of pollution. For those of us who live near any OWB, fire rings, woodburning fireplaces,

woodstoves, chimeneas, and any other outdoor open air burns, we suffer greatly. Our physical health suffers,

our emotional health suffers and our environment is being destroyed.

Please allow me to explain further. The fine particulate matter in woodsmoke (PM2.5) enters deeply into our

lungs when inhaled. We become very ill, those with asthma, lung disease, COPD, and heart patients have

more cardiovascular complications occur. Doctors and scientists will validate the claim that woodsmoke

exposure will gravely affect the health of a mother and their baby. Fetal exposures to chemicals may result in

birth defects or abnormal brain development for the baby. We endure long endless hours of exposure to these

toxic deadly chemicals found in woodsmoke emissions.

How do we escape this? Sadly, we cannot we have no where to turn or to go. Even being inside of our home

we are not safe. We know our health is suffering greatly because the fine particulate matter enters unwanted

inside our home. There is no way to keep it out. We cannot breathe at times, we cannot use our yards to

enjoy, we cannot allow little children out to be assaulted by these emissions from woodsmoke. How can they

play safely within their own yards? They cannot. So we live daily under such great stress. Sometimes to even

open a door is not safe, because the emissions from woodsmoke just drift right into our homes and onto our

property. Everyday pleasures are being taken away from us. We are not free to open windows

to allow fresh air in our homes, because of the toxic woodsmoke outside. We all deserve the right and

common decency to breathe healthy air—woodsmoke free.

Families that are ill have had to move and leave their homes, they have suffered physical damage from

woodsmoke destroying their health, they have been through great emotional turmoil, and they have endured

financial hardships trying to hire lawyers to help them. It becomes a truly desperate situation for many. Without

a Ban on OWB more lives will continue to suffer and more will continue to die from this exposure to

woodsmoke pollution from OWBs.

We suffer irreparable damage from being exposed to toxic woodsmoke emissions. This continual exposure

sadly happens without out consent or our permission.

On behalf of all who continue to suffer from toxic woodsmoke emissions from OWB, my humble request is that

you will give serious consideration to end this suffering by way of adopting a total ban on the use of all OWB in


We only have one life to live, please help us make it….woodsmoke-free so we can all enjoy breathing healthy

Thank you,

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