RAWSEP View: Don’t burn wood, period.






The Butte County Air Quality Management District (District) has funding to help Butte County

resident replace older, more polluting units with cleaner-burning EPA certified units!

Current Program Status

The current Voucher Program starts March 1, 2010 and continues until the funding is gone.


It is estimated there are 15,000 fireplaces and wood stoves in Butte County homes.

Wood smoke is a source of particulate matter, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, toxic air

contaminants and odors. Health studies have linked particulate matter pollution to serious health

impacts. Most of Butte County is a non-attainment area for the federal 24-hour fine particulate

matter (PM2.5) health based standard.

Retailer Requirements

Interested retailers must request to participate in the voucher program by contacting the District

and must agree to the program’s terms and conditions by signing and submitting the Retailer


Retailers must also submit a W-9 to the District to be reimbursed for vouchers received.

Retailer must submit a copy of a valid California State Contractor’s License and copies of any

other certification such as those issued by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) or device


Auditing Procedures

The District may audit compliance with this program. The voucher application and certification

from the recycler will all include an agreement that the District can audit to verify compliance

with the terms of the Retailers Agreement. Audits will be conducted at a reasonable time and

with reasonable notice to the participants. Staff may also verify the disposal of the replaced units.

If requirements of the program have not been met, then the voucher will be voided and

reimbursement will not be made.

Procedures from point of sale, through installation and recycling:

1. Verify that the voucher is original. Original vouchers will have an embossed District seal.

Also verify that the voucher is still valid by checking the expiration date on the voucher. If

the customer brings you a voucher that has already expired, then advise the customer that

he/she must apply for a new voucher with the District.

2. Verify the type of the existing device. For example, if the customer is removing an

uncertified wood stove/insert, verify that the wood stove/insert is uncertified by checking the

make and model number. If you are unsure, call the manufacturer.


3. If the customer decides to purchase a new device, make sure to provide the discount at the

time of sale. Do not tell the customer that the discount will be given at a later time. Do not

take the voucher from the customer unless the customer signs a contract or enters into a

binding agreement to purchase a new device.

4. Notify the District via fax or e-mail by providing the District with the voucher number. The

District will update the information in the Program Voucher Log so that the voucher will not

expire. This is very important especially if the customer brings you a voucher that is going to

expire on the day of purchase. The timelines for notifying the District are specified in the

Retailers Agreement. If you do not notify the District before the expiration date, the District

will not accept the voucher. The District may not be able to issue a replacement voucher if

there is no money left in the program.

5. Complete the Retailer Section on the first page of the voucher and fax to the District no later

than the expiration date on the voucher. This will assist the District in allocating the right

voucher discount amount.

6. Make sure to take a before color photo of the existing device.

7. Take a color photo of the installed device.

8. Make sure that the customer signs the purchase invoice acknowledging that he/she has

received the voucher discount.

9. You must finish all of the installations and submit the paperwork to the District by the

timelines specified in the Retailers Agreement. If you are not able to finish some of the

installation by the deadline, you must provide a prior written explanation to the District

stating why the work cannot be finished. The District will review it and may grant an

extension for good cause as determined by the District. Any paperwork submitted after the

deadline without a prior authorization from the District will not be accepted for


Procedure for reimbursement:

After you finish the installation, you must submit an invoice to the District so the District can

reimburse you for the discount given for each voucher. You may submit an invoice for more than

one voucher. The following paperwork must be submitted for each installation:

1. Completed original voucher signed by both the applicant and the retailer with District


2. Retailer invoice showing the discount as a separate line item. The invoice must be signed

by the customer acknowledging that they received the discount.

3. Recycler Certification Form completed by the retailer and stamped by the recycling


4. Color picture: One before picture for existing fireplace or wood device and one after

picture for the new installed device.

5. Invoices to the District shall include name and address of the retail company, date of

invoice; list the voucher numbers, voucher discount and total discount given. Attach

completed vouchers to your invoice to the District.

The District will not reimburse the retailer for any voucher discount if the retailer submits

incomplete paperwork.

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