2010 March 8: CA South San Francisco: Reduce Wood Smoke Pollution

RAWSEP View: Don’t burn wood, period.

2010 March 8: CA South San Francisco: Reduce Wood Smoke Pollution
The original item was published from 11/6/2009 1:28:00 PM to 3/1/2010 12:00:04 AM.

Reduce Wood Smoke Pollution

Did you know that wood-burning fireplaces cause pollution? Studies have demonstrated that there is a link between particulate pollution and health risks that increase mortality rates. In some areas, the particulate matter (PM) pollution that comes from wood smoke is as much as 40% on a winter day. Wood burning also generates carbon monoxide and toxic air pollutants. What has South San Francisco done to help you minimize pollution in our City?
The City Council desires to lessen the risk to life and property from air pollution generated from wood-burning appliances. They have adopted an ordinance that will significantly reduce the increase in particulate emissions from future installation and construction activities of wood-burning appliances.

The ordinance applies to all new commercial buildings or new residential units as well as to adding or replacing a wood-burning appliance in an existing commercial building or residential unit.

What can you do to minimize pollution?
The ordinance has made it unlawful to install a wood-burning appliance that is not pellet-fueled, an EPA certified wood heater, or an EPA certified fireplace.

It is unlawful to burn garbage, treated wood, plastic products, rubber products, waste petroleum products, paints, paint solvents, coal, glossy or colored papers, particle board, or salt water driftwood in any wood-burning appliance or fireplace.

If you wish to install a wood-burning appliance, you must submit documentation to the City of South San Francisco Building Division demonstrating that the appliance meets City standards. For additional information contact the Building Division at (650) 829-6670 or email your questions.

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