2010 March 12: WA Shelton: Stop the biomass plant!

2010 March 12: WA Shelton: Stop the biomass plant!

Biomass air pollution plant to come to Shelton

As if the air in Shelton was not already bad enough they are now proposing to put in something like this in Shelton. We have plenty of electricity here and this is not green energy. This is not something we need. Biomass plants often start out burning clean wood, then they start burning tires and sewage sludge. 😦

ADAGE wants to install one of these in Shelton near the national forest.

The following pollutants are provided by ADAGE in their application for permit to the DEP for a plant in Florida.

247 Tons Per Year – Particulate Matter
239 Tons Per Year – Particulate Matter 10
233 Tons Per Year – Particulate Matter 2.5
249 Tons Per Year – NOx (Nitrogen Oxide)
246 Tons Per Year – SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)
248 Tons Per Year – CO (Carbon Monoxide)
40 Tons Per Year – H2SO4 – (Sulfuric Acid Mist)
63 Tons Per Year – VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
29 Tons Per Year – F (Fluorides)

"Even a high school chemistry class would prepare you with the knowledge that when you burn something, Carbon Dioxide (C02) is created in the process. Lobbyists, campaign contributions, politicians and corporations have all put their heads together to make C02 magically disappear by using a simple term known as “Biomass” – and that is the “Carbon Loophole” allowing the “Carbon Neutral” designation that drives the enormous money grab we are witnessing associated with “Wood Fueled Biomass Incinerators”."

Burning wood puts 50% more carbon into the air than burning coal!

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