2010 April 1: MD: Maryland requires Phase II OWBs


2010 April 1: MD: Maryland requires Phase II OWBs


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1800 Washington Boulevard

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Martin O’Malley


Shari T. Wilson


Anthony G. Brown

Lieutenant Governor

Robert M. Summers, Ph.D.

Deputy Secretary

Small Wood Boilers Notice to Retailers and Manufacturers

This notice is to inform retailers and manufacturers that the Phase I emission performance standard for

small wood boilers made available for sale and use in Maryland is set to expire on April 1, 2010. After

March 31, 2010, the Department will no longer certify small wood boilers for sale and use in Maryland

and manufacturers and retailers are prohibited from selling or making available for use any Phase I unit in

Maryland unless it has been certified by the Department to comply with the Phase II emission standard. A

manufacturer that wishes to certify and make available a small wood boiler for sale and use in Maryland

must first perform an emissions test on that model line as stipulated in COMAR – §C(3). Any

manufacturer that has received certification for units which met the Phase I emission standard of 0.60

lbs/MMBtu heat input but did not meet the Phase II standard of 0.32 lbs/MMBtu heat output may submit

documentation to the Department requesting recertification if the unit now meets the Phase II standard.

The Department will accept certification of small wood boilers using one of the following test methods:

U.S. EPA Test Method 28 OWHH for Measurement of Particulate Emissions and Heating

Efficiency of Outdoor Wood-Fired Hydronic Heating Appliances;

40 CFR Part 60, Appendix A, Test Methods 1-5 and 40 CFR Part 51, Appendix M, Test Method


ASTM Designation: ASTM E 2618 – 08 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Particulate

Emissions and Heating Efficiency of Outdoor Solid Fuel-Fired Hydronic Heating Appliances; or

An alternative method approved by the Department.

Manufacturers must formally submit the results of the emissions test to the Department in writing.

Manufacturers that have participated in the U.S. EPA Outdoor Hydronic Heaters Program may use

emission test reports for each model line qualified under Phase II particulate matter emission limits and

submit the results to the Department for purposes of certification. In addition, units to be sold in Maryland

must meet specific labeling requirements as specified in the regulation.

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