2010 March 18: COMMENTS on supposedly “nearly smokeless” Outdoor Wood Boiler advertised by Central Boiler this week

2010 March 18: COMMENTS on supposedly "nearly smokeless" Outdoor Wood Boiler advertised by Central Boiler this week
Victoria Valentine says:

Central Boiler is promoting air polluting wood burning devices to buyers who may be unaware that many OWBs are being banned due to health and environmental concerns. The jury is still out on this “new gasification system” per NYSERDA, who does not share the same positive data as advertised. This wood boiler has not been tested sufficiently to determine true efficiency and safety. It is also NOT smoke free, again, per NYSERDA. From what I understand, it is not 92% efficient either. This information is all sales hype. Central Boiler is pushing these things on residents (and their neighbors) who may find that after making this big investment, they may not even be able to operate a wood boiler because of pending or future bans. Many municipalities have already banned OWBs. Don’t be fooled people. This is the same animal with a different skin. No smoke is good smoke and there WILL be smoke from ANY wood burning device. Beware of these wood boilers! Do yourself – and your neighbors a favor – heat with CLEAN energy that will truly be efficient and won’t smoke your neighbors out and pose a health risk to everyone who has the misfortune of crossing its path.

 julie mellum says:

Promoting a product that smokes at all is “greenwashing”–pretending a product is “green” and good for the environment, when nothing could be farther from the truth. To call this new product smokeless is a lie. Just as there is no safe level of tobacco smoke, there is no safe level of wood smoke. Promoting these OWBs is like promoting Camel Lights–filter cigarettes that still emit harmful fumes. If even one these units burns anywhere near other homes, the surrounding neighbors suffer. Is this fair–when wood smoke is capable of causing asthma attacks and heart attacks? Including sudden infant death syndrome and reproductive birth defects? Don’t be duped, Folks. Wood smoke is the second tobacco smoke. It is banned in most states now in bars and restaurants. Why allow it outside? These monsters emit black carbon soot, which is also implicated in cancers and in global warming. Wood smoke, far more concentrated no matter how it burns, is a great outdoor polluter and a killer, even more deadly than tobacco smoke.

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