1988: Characterization of indoor air quality in wood-burning residences

1988: Characterization of indoor air quality in wood-burning residences

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Ken SextonCorresponding Author Contact Information, a, Kai-Shen Liub, Robert D. Treitmanc, John D. Spenglerc and William A. Turnerc

aHealth Effects Institute, 215 First Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142, USA
bIndoor Air Quality Program, California Department of Health Services, 2151 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, California 94704, USA
cDepartment of Environmental Science and Physiology, Harvard School of Public Health, 665 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusettes 02115, USA
Received 7 December 1984; 
accepted 30 September 1985. 
Available online 26 June 2003.


Findings from a residential wood-burning study in Waterbury, VT, are presented, with emphasis on indoor-outdoor comparisons of particle mass, size distribution, and composition. The air monitoring program was carried out from January to March 1982 to evaluate the impact of residential wood combustion on indoor and outdoor air quality. Indoor and outdoor data on respirable particle concentrations were obtained for 24 residences, 19 with wood-burning appliances. This paper focuses on 6 of these homes which were selected for more intensive study, including matched indoor-outdoor particle measurements to determine elemental composition, individual polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations, and organic- and elemental-carbon content. Data are presented comparing particle-phase organic and elemental concentrations between indoor and outdoor environments.

To whom correspondence should be addressed.

Environment International
Volume 12, Issues 1-4, 1986, Pages 265-278
Indoor Air Quality
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