2010 March 25: CT: Eleven CT State Senators voted no on both anti-idling bill and OWB ban bill, New London farmers exempted from OWB ban bill fought the bill anyway

2010 March 25: CT: Eleven CT State Senators voted no on both anti-idling bill and OWB ban bill, New London farmers exempted from OWB ban bill fought the bill anyway
Hartford, Conn. — A state Senate bill aimed at banning outdoor wood burning furnaces died in committee Friday, likely ending legislation on the hot topic for this year.
The New London County Farm Bureau opposed Senate Bill 126, citing expected widespread economic hardship among other things. The bill would have exempted use by farmers but New London and its state parent organization, the Windsor-based Connecticut Farm Bureau Association, fought the measure anyway.
More from Nancy Alderman:
It is important to see who voted “No” on such an important health Bill where strong science was presented to the committee asking them to do something to better protect health. Then below that information is the Tally vote from the Idling Bill Defeat. What is amazing is that the Legislators voting “No” on both Bills are amazingly similar.
The Wood smoke Bill 126 Tally 12 voted yes 17 voted no.
Those who voted “NO” were:
Representatives who voted “No”:
Bryan Hulburt (D)
Clark Chapin (R)
Terry Backer(D)
Fred Camillo (R)
Theresa Conroy (D)
Paul Davis (D)
Ed Jutila (D)
Barbara Lambert (D)
Lawrence Miller (R)
Craig Miner (R)
Edward Moukawsher (D)
Jason Perillo (R)
John Piscopo (R)
Terrie Wood (R)
Senators who voted “No” :
Andrew Maynard (D)
John McKinney (R)
Andrew Rorabeck (R)
Below is a mailing we sent from March 17, 2010 on the Tally vote on the idling Bill 5124 that also never made it out of the Environment Committee — Look at the “No” votes. They are amazingly similar to those who voted “No” on the wood smoke Bill.
Those voting “No” on the Idling Bill were:
Representatives voting “No” on Idling
Hulburt (D)
Chapin (R)
Camillo (R)
Conroy (D)
Hennessy (D)
Kehoe (D)
McClusky (D)
Miller (D)
Miner (R)
Moukawsher (D)
Perrillo (R)
Piscopo (R)
Senators voting “No” on Idling
Maynard (D)
McKinney (R)
DeFronzo (D)
See also:  Legislature Fails To Curb A Health Hazard: Outdoor Wood Furnaces – Courant.com.
This shouldn’t have been a hard call. More than 750 people have called the state Department of Environmental Protection in the past four years to say that neighbors’ outdoor wood-burning furnaces were making them ill. This volume of complaints should have signaled to legislative leaders that they needed to act, to either ban the things or regulate them tightly enough so they are no longer a health hazard.

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March 20th, 2010
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