2010 March 25: VT: OWB Cons

2010 March 25: VT: OWB Cons

  • OWBs are not legal in some states, or municipalities, because they are both dirty and inefficient. "Mother Earth News" suggests an outdoor wood furnace can emit roughly 20 times as much smoke as EPA certified wood stoves, and are only an average of 43 percent efficient. This is because the system is designed around an old and very basic combustion technology. These boilers are specifically known for the amount of smoke they produce, and because of their relatively short smokestack, this smoke is poorly disbursed into the air. The resulting air pollution poses a health risk. According to the Vermont Department of Conservation, studies link the particles in this smoke to lung diseases, cardiovascular disease and premature death. The American Lung Association, has linked wood smoke, or specifically the particles found in wood smoke, to cases of school absenteeism, the rate of emergency room visits and hospitalizations for cardiopulmonary conditions, respiratory infections and asthma.
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