2009: Alaska

(ask) United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to conduct a fast track assessment of short-term drivers of climate change, (black carbon), with a view to initiating negotiation of an international agreement to reduce emission of black carbon.
Nov. 3, 2009 mayoral election with pro-natural gas candidate Luke Hopkins & Oct. 6 vote for passage of local wood stove regulations
help by burning wood or coal without smoldering
property tax credits for improvements that help improve air quality. Eligible cities would be those that fail to meet federal air quality standards governing emissions of particles less than 2.5 micrometers in size, also called PM 2.5s.
Nonattainment" of EPA AQS warning to local lungs. more work for city and state regulators, write and implement a plan for improving the air. any projects that use fed. funding extra environmental review before money ,not adding to the problem.
The smoke from one home’s wood-burning stove moves across the entire valley in this December photo
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