2009: California

2009 California
1.  California, southern
Riverside, San Bernandino, Orange and Los Angeles counties
In Europe and the U.S., diesel fuel, wood-burning fireplaces and barbecues are major sources of black carbon.
If you must use a fireplace or stove for heat, convert your woodstoves to natural gas, which has far fewer polluting emissions.
PM 10 particulate emissions includes fireplace wood burning
Environmental Integrity Project; Barclay Rogers, attorney, Sierra Club; Mark McDowell, independent hog farmer and member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement; and Tom Frantz, president, Association of Irritated Residents.
EPA sued because it is not enforcing air pollution laws
dirtiest regions account for billions of dollars a year in economic losses because of premature death, chronic illness, hospitalizations and missed school and workdays
"This energy plan is not just about environment, climate change, energy prices, or supplies individually," Hendricks says. "It’s an overarching plan that embodies Obama’s approach to national service, energy security, and economic stability.
this summer the world’s first commercial offshore wave power project was launched off the coast of Portugal.
Waxman, who on Thursday wrested the Energy and Commerce Committee away from Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich.

State CA (Northern)

My daughter has suffered from asthma for many years, effects of wood smoke on her breathing are obvious. board is mandated to protect public health and should be urged to enforce whatever regulations are necessary to improve our abysmal air quality.
Chico and Butte County are in danger of losing federal highway funds if air quality conditions are not improved.
“What about the freedom to breathe?” Luke Anderson,grassroots Chico Healthy Air Alliance. moved to Chico 5 years ago having never before respiratory problems, recourse if the pollution from a business, powerless if smoke is from his neighbor’s fireplace.
avoid commuting
wintertime second-hand wood smoke from fireplaces accounts for more soot than diesel trucks, generators and power plants combined—sometimes totaling 30 percent to 40 percent of the total particulate matter
Fifty years ago, Bay Area residents were furious when backyard burning of household trash banned.3 months ago, the regional regulators had to take the same kind of heat when banned wood-burning stoves and fireplaces on winter bad-air days in 9 counties.
wood burning banned
The usual fools here who are too feeble-minded to absorb information, and too selfish too care about anyone else. I hope your smoke goes back down your chimney.
wood burining illegal on Spare the Air Days
illegal to burn wood on Spare the Air days
Solar panels on every roof for a new clean energy economy. That should be the planet’s goal for the next 10 years.
$200 rebates to residents toward reducing the cost of switching to natural gas fireplace stoves and inserts.
Fireplaces are so good…that when people have had the choice for the past 100 years, they opt for central forced air heating, steam heat and gas heat.
First-time violators will receive a written warning, and a second violation could result in fines ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars.
illegal to burn wood on Spare the Air days
illegal to burn wood on Spare the Air days
Think of all the kids out there who have to breath this stuff. It is amazing how some people cannot see beyond their own self-interest. I am glad that some common sense is being brought to the air quality rules.
establishing a nuisance condition for wood smoke for the immediate and confronting neighbors of an indoor wood burning device.
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