2009: Canada

emit more than four times the particulate matter of a heavy duty diesel truck. Particulate matter is a small solids and liquid droplets, much smaller than th cross-section of a human hair. They are the primary pollutant in most of B.C.
It’s time for people to look at the whole picture. The outdoor wood boiler that Daniels and Cummings bought was killing themselves, as well as Archambault, the neighbour.
"People are not actually aware in urban areas of some of the health impacts."Quebec’s Environment Dept a new law llegal to sell any wood stove not meeting standards established by the Canadian SA or the U.S. EPA. fines of up to $25,000.
The Montreal public health department estimates burning a wood stove for nine hours is the equivalent of driving a midsize car for a year, or about 18,000 kilometres of driving.
I stated that the smoke from this furnace has forced my family and I to lose the outdoor enjoyment of our property,our windows (not)open anymore. people opening their windows for fresh air we have to keep ours sealed to keep out the thick choking smoke.
In ordering the boiler shutdown, Justice Fred Graham of the Ontario Superior Court cited medical concerns under review in Canada and the United States.
one should be able to sit outside, dry our clothes on the laundry line, plant our garden, sit indoors, sleep and even use our clothes dryer without having to tolerate the thick choking smoke from any neighbours’ outdoor wood-fired boiler furnace.
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