2009: Connecticut

"spew toxic smoke 24 hours a day, seven days a week, sickening neighbors and contaminating neighborhoods," according to state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. On Wednesday, Blumenthal called for a state ban on outdoor or standalone Wood Furnaces
houses in Ridgefield are in close proximity to one another and there are very few locations within the town where the furnaces can be placed to operate without smoke intruding into neighboring properties.”
Environment and Human Health, Inc. asks the Connecticut Legislature to help the many people in the state who are being made sick from breathing their neighbor’s wood smoke on a continuous basis
Charette provided a video of the smoke billowing from his neighbor’s boiler. “It’s not just a nuisance, it’s terrorism,” said Charette. He said he has taken his neighbor to court.
A lawyer for Central Boiler of Greenbush, Minn. sent David Brown of Health Risks Consultants, Inc., a letter in Jan. threatening to sue him about his scientific paper severe health dangers of OWBs. Feb"Human & Ecological Risk Assessment"
her neighbor installed a wood-burning stove a few years ago. Now she has been ill for six weeks, she wakes up coughing in her sleep and her two young kids are plagued by breathing problems.
Washington state’s law language specifies when a public nuisance, but that language not in the bill. “smoke cannot exceed 20% opacity visible for 6 min.” and “smoke crossing property lines verified by a local health department confirmed again.”
When I open the bay window in front, I can smell the smoke. It’s coming in my house, and it’s making us sick
SB 399, would classify wood smoke as a public nuisance, which could put the onus on local health officers and police or fire services to deal with complaints.
(the 75 feet away and minimum height of two feet over the roof peak restrictions),
(parents and) their young son, Evan, have been breathing smoke that comes into their house from a neighbor’s fire pit and they claim it makes them ill. extreme levels of particulates for as little as two hours produce significant adverse health effects.
thick smoke that contains unhealthy amounts of particulate matter, carbon monoxide, hydrochloric acid and other toxic pollutants.
Residential wood smoke has come up on the radar screen in a big way because it is the largest source of fine particulate matter in the US”smoke and soot can pass through closed doors and windows increased cardiac disease, asthma, and shortened life span
CT state law on wood smoke nuisance will pass this spring, introduced by East Hartford State Senator, Gary LeBeau
they produce so much smoke, are not appropriate for a dense residential area.”The town proposes taking a simpler approach, and banning them altogether.
the boilers — and associated complaints — may become more numerous. “We thought of it as a health situation that concerned the whole town,”
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