2009: Michigan

residents have complained about smoke. Belding certainly doesn’t want to be a city layered in smoke. “The whole secret is this is more a health issue than anything else,” Russell said. “There’s a lot of people who physically can’t stand the smoke.”
He claimed that smoke produced by the equipment has caused health problems for him and his wife.
Soldano details his concerns about the effect smoke from such boilers has on the health of neighbors and discussed how he successfully obtained a court order forcing his neighbor to stop using a similar boiler unit.
Fire Chief Robert Cairnduff spoke to the City Council at its worksession on Tuesday about the ordinance regarding open burning in the city. According to councilwoman Cheryl King, there have been numerous complaints.
limit outdoor furnaces to 100 feet from the nearest neighboring building
Outdoor Wood-Fired Boiler, Stove and Furnace Ordinance for Green Township, Michigan. Ordinance No. 45 of 2009
NO BURNING OF WOOD WHAT SO EVER…NO BURNER HAS THE RIGHT TO CAUSE HARM TO ONES HEALTH NOR TO HARM THE ENVIRONMENT. Burners be aware, wood smoke can also cause brain damage along with many other health problems. LONG LIVE JUDGE CHAD SCHMUCKER!
When smoke trespasses onto another property and affects the health of the neighbors it has to be stopped. At long last the precedent is set and we will see more of these selfish smokers stopped
couple is suing a Minnesota outdoor wood boiler manufacturer that they allege knowingly creates and sells heating devices proven to be harmful to human health.
at the Lung Association, we’re receiving calls from the public,” Seilback. putting out pollutants. trigger wheezing. linked to premature deaths.a nuisance. public health issue
must be at least 300 feet from the nearest residence that the furnace user does not own. Heaters must be at least 20 feet away from the nearest structure and 50 feet from any property line.
restitution to neighbors Ron and Arlene Watson for medical expenses associated with Ron Watson’s emphysema.
The fire apparently started at the rear, east corner and was burning on the side of the house near an outdoor wood-burning furnace when the home owner got outside, he said. The blaze shot through the walls and roof, gutting the small house.
his successful bid to obtain a court order barring his neighbor from using an outdoor wood boiler. also filed a lawsuit v. Minnesota-based mfgr. of the boiler.claiming that smoke from neighbor’s boiler caused health problems for him and his wife.
reported in EPA publication
we experienced sore throats and headaches from smoke that drifted constantly, often in sheets, across our yard. We could smell it in our house and couldn’t get away from it. Being outside for minutes a smoke smell in hair, on clothes.
We’re looking at putting some minimum standards on them
many insurance companies have a surcharge for residents who operate such a system. "They almost double the chance of a house fire." smoke and odor are also concerns. "The smell is a big concern because you can burn anything in them," Ferguson said.
complaints from neighbors about the smoke from the outdoor home-heating devices.
"But why should the environment and the neighbors suffer?" said Cavanaugh, who said his home is about 300 feet downwind from a neighbor’s furnace. "This isn’t just a public nuisance. It’s a public-health issue."
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