2009: Minnesota

shows that residential wood burning contributes almost 30% of the PM2.5 in Minnesota’s ambient air. 2005 data:major sources of PM2.5 components, biomass burning contributes to both elemental and organic carbon sources. table p.15, pie chart p.16.
Giles’ unit is one of the older models that emits more smoke. Typically, he said, such units are used in a rural setting where the property owner has 5 acres or more of land.
"We have to be cognizant of how this affects the neighbors living around him," Kautz said. "It’s about living in a community and being respectful of the neighbors around you.
I was the one who made a motion to ask the city council to enact the moratorium
"Even the cleaner EPA certified stoves still emit up to 100 times the particulate matter that oil and gas burners do," says Beresford.
"Northwest Manufacturing has known about the dangerous emissions and smoke generated by the (outdoor wood boiler) in question and others like it for some time and has failed to warn the public
“detrimental to the health, comfort, safety, welfare and prosperity of” New Prague.
The proposed ordinance would prohibit the use of any exterior solid fuel heating device in the City of Madison
I have asthma and my neighbor’s fires do make me ill I keep my windows closed all summer but it still seeps in since the air conditioner has to take in air. many peoples’ neighbors are not nice and don’t have sense.
I have had to quit gardening and riding my bike in the evenings when the weather is nice because too many people have fires going
Granger asked about homemade wood burners. Kuchenreuther indicated there is nothing in the draft ordinance regarding homemade wood burners, but it might make sense to have them included.
Neighbor has burned for last 10 days from Oct. 02-12, 2009
We were told by one of the former members of The Council that the OWB owner was going to be told to put in a higher smoke stack. If this is the case, they either haven’t done so or as suspected, a taller stack makes no difference at all.
The same smoke plume is hitting the back of our neighbor’s house, then going around and over, enveloping it in smoke. Depending on the wind direction, somebody gets dealt the bad hand every day.
resources for understanding the ordinance included in article
public hearing notice
City Planner Scott Richards researched regulations in Burnsville, New Ulm, New Prague, Forest Lake, Battle Lake, and several cities outside Minnesota.
The U.S. could play a key role in coming to grips with black carbon when climate talks begin in Denmark later this year, according to Pai-Yei Whung, the chief scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency
Jamie O’Link of St. Cloud was surprised earlier this year when her doctor told her she had emphysema. O’Link says the doctor told her to stop smoking, but O’Link has never smoked. sick from from the wood her neighbors were burning to heat their home.
St. Paul MN blog about wood burning pollution
Experts say fine particulate matter from wood smoke can cause asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis.
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