2009: New Hampshire

requirements for outdoor pellet boilers, such as setbacks from neighboring properties and minimum stack height and a replacement and a buy back program to remove nuisance outdoor wood boilers
installed no closer than 200 feet from abutting residence.
The EPA site said they "create heavy smoke and release it close to the ground, where it often lingers and exposes people in the area to nuisance conditions and health risks."
sample ballot
I thought I was working very hard the way my breathing was! Actually, I was!!!!!! I was trying to breathe!!How it affects me now is not good!!! I now have pulmonary hypertension with leg edema!!!! I need oxygen!!!!Keep our air clean!!! Please!!
Orange Tag OWB still releases massive amounts of PM2.5 particulates
"We would wake up in the middle of night coughing and have to go around our home and close the windows,"
Tagged OWBs still release massive amounts of PM2.5 particulates
it must be placed at least 200 feet from the nearest abutter
wood burns dirtier than gas or oil and spews more toxins and "fine particulates" into the air. These particulates can be embedded deep in the lungs and cause respiratory problems.
Outdoor wood boilers can be inefficient and dirty. At their worst, at low temp., smolder, release soot and smoke close to the ground, and burn trash, commercial waste, animal carcasses, and other dirty fuels unsuitable for residential combustion.
no closer than 100 feet from the nearest property line
if they are deemed a nuisance or health hazard, the state or community will "abate" the problem or require the boiler be shut down if the problem can’t be remedied, DES said.
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