2009: Ohio

OWB emissions exceed what existing Ohio EPA air pollution laws allow for visible emissions
March 16, 2009 public hearing called for OWB zoning regulations changes: to require permit, 2.5 acres, 200 foot setback & be 15 feet from principal (owner’s) building
heavy smoke affected the breathing of his infant niece last year. "I had to take her to the hospital," he said. "We had to give her breathing treatments and everything. My whole house was filled with smoke.
he lives next to a home with an outdoor furnace, which "can smoke out" neighbors, to blame for a chronically sore throat . Singo also said the wood-fired boilers can be a problem for asthma. "When you get one in your backyard, you’ll care," Singo said.
This past winter, the stack belched smoke from a wood-burning boiler according to Waddy, polluted homes, cars and offices.
*Be placed at least 200 feet from the closest property line.
(VIDEO)others with breathing problems say when the boilers are working they almost can’t go outside. "Makes me mad like I said I been here 21 years and all of a sudden I should have to move? I told my landlord I might have to move because of it."
rendered useless without electricity to power the fan to heat the house. Two days into the power outage, they were able to obtain a generator which helped to heat the house and provide water to the bathroom.
The boilers emit a lot of smoke, which can be a problem or health concern for neighbors, said Seitz, who also heads council’s planning commission.
affected entire neighborhoods. Due to air pollution concerns and the city’s existing ordinances, we have no choice but to disapprove the use and operation of outdoor wood-burning boilers."
also decided to ask township trustees to extend a six-month moratorium on the installation of the heating devices as they work on the new measure.
recession is no excuse for inaction," retired Air Force Gen. Charles Wald said. "already paying a penalty for not looking into the future." Retired Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, agreed that energy, security, economics, and climate change are all connected.
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