2009: Rhode Island

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North Smithfield and Woonsocket passed ordinances. Smithfield, North Kingstown & Narragansett are considering. Connecticut and Massachusetts have enacted regulations. Now, the Rhode Island House says it plans to act with its own legislation.
sickened his 2-year-old twins, given his wife a pounding headache, and fouled his neighborhood. The boiler’s smoldering wood, Charette said, has spewed noxious smoke that seeps into his house through windows, cracks, and crevices.
Resident Russell J. Matuszek affected by a nearby outdoor wood burner, but he still can’t find the source. “All summer long when the wind is blowing from the southwest, someone’s burner causes soot to land on my deck and patio furniture,” Matuszek said.
constant clouds of thick smoke he says has made it impossible for his family to enjoy their backyard.
neighbor complaints about the sometimes smoky emissions they create.
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