2010: Iowa

2010 April 14: IA Muscatine: fine particulate pollution exceeds EPA standards

2010 April 8: IA Clinton: DNR explains air quality regs to Clinton officials


2010 March 22: IA Clinton: COMMENT on Clinton Considers burn ban
2010 March 22: IA Clinton: considers burn ban
2010 March 18: IA Quad Cities: Stagnant air leads to air-quality concerns, sulphur stench
2010 March 10: IA 3 Counties: Air quality advisory issued for Clinton, Muscatine and Scott counties
2010 March 6: IA Windsor Heights: High pollution level expected until Saturday
2010 March 5 & 6: IA: Air Quality Alert for 3 counties: Cerro Gordo, Worth & Butler
2010 March 5: IA Eastern: Another air pollution alert issued for Eastern Iowa
2010 March 6: IA: DNR finds higher particulate levels in northeast Iowa, Johnson County
2010 March 4 & 5 : IA 7 counties: Air Quality Alert from Iowa DNR
2010 Feb. 27: IA Muscatine: Involvement shows residents care about local air quality
2009 March 23: IA Linn County: Overview of Outdoor Wood Boilers Draft Ordinance
2010 Feb. 26: IA Johnson County: Don’t burn wood or trash. Burning firewood and trash are among the largest sources of particles in many parts of the country.
2010 Feb. 23: IA Des Moines: House Round-up: Voted to develop SIPs to meet particulate standards

010 Feb.: IA Northwest: Air Quality Advisory for Northwest Iowa

2010 Feb. 21: IA Muscatine: Looks at particulates and air pollution
2010 Feb. 12: IA Windsor Heights: Poor air quality expected through Saturday
2010 Feb.: Air Quality Advisory for Iowa
2010 Feb. 11: IA: Breathe easy: Air quality can be an issue, even in Iowa
2010 Feb. 12 to 13: IA E & NW: Poor air quality expected through Saturday
2010 Feb. 9: IA: Air Quality in Iowa: Particulates: A Hazy Shade of Grassley
2010 Feb. 12: IA Quad Cities: Despite alerts, Q-C air quality probably OK
2010 Feb. 10: IA: Breathe easy: Air quality can be an issue, even in Iowa
2010 Feb. 20: IA Muscatine: Air-quality forum set, particulate levels measured in Cedar Rapids & other cities
2010 Feb. 9: IA: Pollution clouded Iowa early this weekend
2010 Feb. 6: IA all of Central Iowa: Air Quality Alert for Wright, Iowa, advisory for all
2010 Feb. 5: IA Eastern & Quad Cities area: Air quality alert issued for eastern Iowa, QC area
2010 Feb. 5: IA 14 counties: Iowa Air Quality Advisory
2010 Feb. 4: IA Northeastern: "other combustion sources" include wood: DNR issues air quality alert for northeastern Iowa

2010 Jan. 6: IA Des Moines: Even when go inside and close up, can’t get away from wood burning smoke
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