2010 March 27 to 30: MI Gaylord: COMMENTs on Council looks to ban OWBs

2010 March 27 to 30: MI Gaylord: COMMENTs on Council looks to ban OWBs
Northern MI Politician wrote on Mar 27, 2010 1:32 PM:

" They are doing their job. They are local government officials. Therefore they act on local issues. They are protecting their citizens. All of them those who would find there home uninhabitable from smoke from their neighbors stove,and those who purchase a $10,000 furnace and get sued by their neighbor because they can no longer use their property. It is not as simple as what you chose for heat.These boilers are made for wide open spaces. Not city lots. A few might be tolerable but what happens when every one has one. We banned them in our town.I am on that council and we put more effort in that decision than any other in my 14 years there. We even took a field trip to observe them in action.We left our decision open ended though stating if and when they meet EPA standards we would revisit the issue. Some companies are starting to produce EPA compliant units. "  

Northern MI Politician wrote on Mar 30, 2010 5:54 AM:

" My first ancestor applied for citizenship in my county in 1883 all of my greatgrand parents were here before 1935. English was never my strong point.  That doesn’t change the fact is all you need to be a good public official is common sense. A stove that creates a plume of smoke a hundred feet or more in length is going to create problems for some one next door. I would love to see every home heated with wood.  Outdoor wood boilers just aren’t the answer in places where lot sizes are small. "


just the facts wrote on Mar 30, 2010 9:19 AM:

" Outdoor wood burners seem like a great idea when they aren’t in your neighborhood. However the truth is many burner owners burn something other than wood in them. Imagine if your neighbor threw his daily garbage in a wood burner up wind from you. Wood smoke can be pleasant, garbage smoke, not so much. I have even heard of one owner in this county who burned disposable diapers. If you can get past the stench, think about the toxins released.

I applaud the City Council for taking a look at this issue before it gets out of hand within the city limits. Great work on their part. "

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