2010: Vermont

March 24: VT: Statehouse Schedule: Favorable with Proposal of Amendment S. 239 Retiring outdoor wood-fired boilers that do not meet the 2008 emission standard for particulate matter


2010 March 25: VT: OWB Cons


2010 Feb. 2: VT: Vermont Considers Buying Back Inefficient Wood Boilers

2010 Feb. 1: VT Bradford (Burlington):Outdoor wood boiler (OWB) buyback program considered by Vermont

2010 March 15: VT: S. 239 retiring OWBs not meeting 2008 particulate standards statewide: Current Status: recommendation of amendment on March 16, 2010 by Committee on Natural Resources & Energy

2010 Jan. 28: VT: Law to regulate OWBs statewide: Letter from Am. Lung Assoc. in support of Vermont State Senate Bill S. 239

2010 March 12: VT: VT State Senate committee vote passed to set up wood stove replacement fund

2010 Jan. 18: VT Brattleboro: Neighbors ask board to close crematory


2010 March 27: WI Rothschild (Wausau area): COMMENTS on Rothschild biomass plant opponents fear ‘monster’ pollution source 2010 March 27: WI Rothschild (Wausau area): (VIDEO) COMMENTS on We Energies Spokesman: "We Have Bent Over Backwards" 2010 March 25: WI Rothschild (Wausau area): Neighbors oppose biomass plant 2010 March 26: WI Rothschild: Rothschild biomass plant opponents fear ‘monster’ pollution source (AUDIO) 2010 March 9: WI Winnebago County: COMMENT: Fireplace burning is big source of particulates: Winnebago County Air Quality Advisory today 2010 March 15: WI Ashland: RAWSEP View: This is conversion of biomass to a Syngas. Are the particulate emission levels low and regulated?Xcel signs Burns & McDonnell for biomass gasification 2010 Jan. 20 to 22: WI Salem: COMMENTS on Salem mulls limits on wood-fired boilers 2010 March 26: WI Milwaukee: COMMENTS on WI had worst air quality in Nation on March 10, 2010‏ 2010 March 24: WI UW-Extension: An Environmental Overview of Woody Biomass Utilization: RAWSEP View: quote "Biomass produces higher levels of particulates than coal & gasoline." Where are the regulations to mandate use of scrubbers, filters and catalytic c 2010 March 25: WI Rothschild: Residents Concerned with Biomass Power Plant Proposal
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