2010 March 29 to 30: NY Olean: COMMENTS on OWB newspaper article

2010 March 29 to 30: NY Olean: COMMENTS on OWB newspaper article
homeowner wrote on Mar 29, 2010 2:59 PM:

" We actually have someone with one on our city (Olean) street and whenever the wind is blowing my way the smoke comes into my house and I can barely breathe. This is with all my windows shut. It’s a old house, smoke that thick can get in. I should not have to breathe the smoke from someone elses house. Something needs to be done in Olean as well. They should at least have to raise the stacks higher. It’s the same idea that I shouldn’t have to breathe in the smoke of a smoker at a public place. "
Clean Air John wrote on Mar 29, 2010 5:37 PM:

" Homeower you should read this report then get a lawyer. It the only way to stop this! http://www.ehhi.org/woodsmoke/wood_smoke_testimony310_dbrown.shtml "
Bonnie Bowers wrote on Mar 30, 2010 7:42 PM:

" It is unfortunate NYS DEC has not made it clear to the public that OWBs do not meet current NYS air standards. DEC is shutting down OWBs as they receive complaints. They do this by performing opacity tests. If the test is over 20% it is a violation (OWBs have registered as high as over 80%). The owner of the stove gets a Notice of Violation advising they can be fined up to $15,000.

The EPA "Voluntary Program" for OWBs with orange and white tags also does not address the serious pollution. On the NESCAUM website they discuss that under the EPA Program an OWB can get the "certification" emitting 95 grams per hour (an indoor catalytic wood stove emits 2 – 4 grams). The stacks on these stoves are short for a reason. The "design" of the stove is to starve the fire of oxygen so the fire smolders. Incomplete combustion results in a toxic soup of carcinogens and creosote.

For more information on the problems with OWBs go to this website and read this report:
http://www.nescaum.org/documents/source-characterization-of-outdoor-wood-furnaces/ "

Smoked out wrote on Mar 30, 2010 8:23 PM:

" I live across the street from one of these OWB’s and we don’t live in a residential area. The smoke/odor that come out of these burners isn’t normal and the owners have a higher smoke stack. When this is running I don’t even let my children out to play since they have respiratory problems. They don’t just burn in the winter but in the summer to heat pools and spas. OWB’s are not efficient and they are very expensive 8k-10K so the argument for being poor and can’t afford heat isn’t valid. These need to be regulated like indoor stoves and everyone has the right to breath fresh air….imagine if everyone bought one of these….the whole state of NY would be smoked out and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the great outdoors..wake up and help save the planet, we have enough pollution. BUY an energy efficient indoor wood, coal, gas stove…DO YOUR PART and BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR.
FYI…..the Govenor of NY has just signed PART 247 to put regulations on OWB. IT WILL BE SOON! "
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