2010 April 7: NC: Federal Postdoc in Black Carbon Measurements – Research Triangle Park, NC

2010 April 7: NC: Federal Postdoc in Black Carbon Measurements – Research Triangle Park, NC

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, United States


Doctorate (PhD/DPhil/DEng/Dr.-Ing.)

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Apr 7, 2010

Federal Postdoc in Black Carbon Measurements at EPA
Research Project Description:
Increased international attention is being focused on measurements of combustion sources to quantify the climate and health effects of fine PM and other related pollutants. Analyses of PM for BC and associated organic components show optical properties that are climate relevant, affecting short-term, regional, and seasonal climate impacts. While inventories of sources have been made, most rely on PM2.5 measurements that have not been related to optical properties, pollutant mixture effects, plume rise and transport, and aerosol aging. These information deficits contribute to uncertainty regarding policy recommendations. Work is needed in these combustion and optical particle science areas to coordinate analytical measurements of climate-forcing pollutants amongst the multiple APPCD PIs that are focusing on source characterization solutions. Specific emphasis on mobile source and biomass measurements will have the most relevancy for both the U.S. and international source priorities. Impending changes in mobile diesel regulations may limit the future importance of these sources in the U.S., but international data and controls are lacking, leaving these sources with international importance. Significant uncertainties and strong ties with on-going APPCD research reside in the area of biomass combustion characterization. In addition to opportunistic source sampling on projects such as near roadway and vehicle sampling, the post doc will engage in a program on complementary field and laboratory biomass burning studies. This is the area of greatest scientific uncertainty in terms of source emission factors and particle properties and is an area where APPCD has expertise/facilities to make a unique and significant impact. The post doc will make use of upcoming capital equipment purchases in the particle characterization science, including LII/PAS2 and PAS3 systems expected in CY 2011. The post doc will participate in source sampling characterization efforts, laboratory biomass burns, and measurement/methods interfacing with the EPA/ORD/OAQPS.
Education Requirements: PhD in engineering and/or physical sciences or a related field.
For application details go to: http://www.epa.gov/ORD/NRMRL/jobs/postdoc.html (NRMRL-10-008)

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