2010 April 10 (May 6): NY Perth: Perth to discuss wood boilers May 6

2010 April 10 (May 6): NY Perth: Perth to discuss wood boilers May 6

By JOEL DiTATA, The Leader-Herald

POSTED: April 10, 2010
Email: "Perth to discuss wood boilers May 6"




PERTH – Town residents will have another opportunity to voice their opinions in regard to a local law that will regulate the use of outdoor wood-burning boilers.
At the upcoming May 6 meeting, residents will be able to voice their concerns on the possible local law that would restrict the use of outdoor wood boilers in the town for a three-month period from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The law also includes a waiver that residents can apply for, so owners without close neighbors can still use their boilers year-round.
"I expect that there will be a decision made at the public hearing," Supervisor Greg Fagan said.
At March’s board meeting, Fagan and council members Timothy Korona and Walter Kowalczyk voted in favor of adjusting the possible law by adding a three-month ban.
Council members Gay Lewandowski and Peter Betz agreed with a ban, but pleaded for a time period from May 15 to Sept. 15.
"I think the majority of the board is in favor of the three-month ban," Fagan said.
During March’s meeting, Fagan said 500 feet likely would be the required distance between neighbors to qualify for a waiver.
The first public hearing was held in December 2009 after residents Nancy and Roger Tyler requested a full ban on the boilers in April. The couple said they suffer from health problems, and the smoke from a neighbor’s unit only makes their conditions worse.
Town Board members also have considered a law that would ban products such as painted wood, plastic materials, rubbish and newspaper from being burned in the boilers. The law would require the boilers to have the smokestacks at least 18 feet high.
The public hearing will begin at 7:30 p.m. May 6. Copies of the proposed law are available for review at the Perth Municipal Complex.
Joel DiTata can be reached by e-mail at ruralnews@leaderherald.com.

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