2010 April: (VIDEO) COMMENTS on OWB coming to your back yard, act now before it’s too late

2010 April: (VIDEO) COMMENTS on OWB coming to your back yard, act now before it’s too late

Got SMOKE? If you live in NY, here is the number to call. 800-771-7755, at the prompt, press 5 to get to the Environmental Protection Bureau….Please get involved. These are popping up all over the country. Outdoor Wood Boilers, the stacks are low and the constant smoke will choke the life out of you, your kids, your pets, etc.. these smokers can burn 20 or more logs at a time (and who knows what else)! The video doesn’t let you smell the full effect, like your home is on fire and you cannot escape it! This OWB is located less than 50′ from my house in Ulster County, NY. This is a residential neighborhood, not open fields. This video was shot from my porch. We don’t get to enjoy it, the smoke keeps us from going outside. We will be pursuing a decrease in our Property Taxes, our Right to Enjoyment is gone. We spent tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars into this Town, in Building Permits to fix this old house up, in local suppliers, increased tax assessments yearly. We had planned on putting up a large deck, but have decided against it, since we know we will not be able to use our hot tub in these conditions. OWB decrease property values as nobody wants a house that smells like smoke, is harmful to the respiratory system and poisons our citizens and the environment. The medical costs alone for respiratory illness is crippling. Add in paying high property taxes and getting No Right to Enjoyment, Environmental Lawyers are gonna love this. Smoking is banned in public
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  • #1 written by saltysam203
    about 2 hours ago
    NYS DEC is responsible for this. They will not post that OWBs do not meet current air standards on website. Instead they do opacity tests, levy fines and shut them down one at a a time w/Orders on Consent. Call your DEC Regional Office. FOIL for the case from Buffalo DEC office in Eden NY shut down in summer 2009. Contact your NYS Senator. It takes time to catch the OWB in opacity violation. Be persistent. Call Judy Schreiber at NYS AG.Tell her she needs to speak to Gov. and stop this abuse.

  • #2 written by cyops
    about 2 hours ago
    the problem with this is that prople don’t consider the other people around them. you can’t have owb’s if you have close neighbors, you can use them if there is nobody around you not in communities. I have one and don’t have neighbors and I own the land around me so I won’t have neighbors!

  • #3 written by LyricLover4ever
    about 1 hour ago
    there is such a thing as burning responsibly. .when something is smoking like this is, not only is the wood being wasted, it is running inefficiently AND putting out more acrid smoke and particulate. This is smoldering. It should be more like temperature wave, like the heat coming off the highway in the desert.

  • #4 written by LyricLover4ever
    about 33 minutes ago
    Just wanted to show how the other guy thinks. I respond with the following.. Are you going to pay the medical bills of your neighbors with respiratory conditions exacerbated by your toxic smoke? Are you going to kick in towards some of the electric bills for the air purifiers others have running 24 hours a day to protect their kids? You selfishly thumb your nose at others. If some folks cannot afford to heat their homes responsibly, maybe they are living beyond their means. Clean Air trumps.
  • #6 written by LyricLover4ever
    about -1 years ago
    Update: The pipe vent is now back on top of it, no stack, still smokin’ away. They must have me saved in faves. I also noticed the OWB mfr on your page. The ad forgets to tell you how popular you will be in your community. From what I’ve experienced, most folks that have OWBs don’t care, they claim others are trying to “control” them. Wish they could see they are NOT giving others ANY choice whether to breathe their smoke or not. It is totally invasive, permeating everywhere. Ignorant at best.

  • #7 written by LyricLover4ever
    about -1 years ago
    Yes, the logic escapes us on this whole issue. The polluters stopped burning it for a few months after we got the DEC and Local Codes involved. They put on a taller stack, but obviously it was out of their realm of installation DIY. After a few windy days it was leaning badly.
    Now colder weather is here, they took off the stack completely and have been running it for the past week without one! I thought they were waiting for it to burn out so they could re-install the stack, I was wrong. Sigh.

  • #8 written by GoReps
    about -1 years ago
    Have you had any luck stopping this yet? This looks like willful neglect and disregard for the health and safety of others. Everything you wrote is correct. What’s ironic is that as I watch this, Aqua-Therm OWB’s has an ad for an outdoor wood boiler in the upper right corner of this video page. (it probably rotates to other ads, too). Aqua-Therm is helping to pay for anti-OWB posts!! It shows how stupid OWB mfrs are. A little bit of just desserts to a company polluting our neighborhoods!

  • #9 written by VictoriaSkyline
    about -1 years ago
    the officer’s comment: “Wow – I wouldn’t want that in MY neighborhood. I can’t believe it’s still standing….” No one would except pyros! I’ve been told by law enforcement and the town to sue them. It may come to that. This is no way to live. Wood smoke is DISGUSTING! and UNNECESSARY. If you want to burn YOU breathe it up in the north woods where no one else is affected.

  • #10 written by VictoriaSkyline
    about -1 years ago
    OWBs are disgusting. There is one about 600 feet away from my home and I still smell and feel the effects. I can’t imagine one next door – although we have wood stove burners next door on either side that in conjunction are almost as bad when they burn 24/7. I spoke to them – one stopped – the other refused. In a conversation with police officer relating to another issue – I mentioned this problem with the OWB….

  • #11 written by shellbell4ever
    about -1 years ago
    OMG I wouldn’t want that crap by me :(
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