2010 April 24: NY Gloversville, Mayfield, Perth: DEC proposes new regulations on outdoor wood boilers

2010 April 24: NY Gloversville, Mayfield, Perth: DEC proposes new regulations on outdoor wood boilers

By JOEL DiTATA, The Leader-Herald

POSTED: April 24, 2010
The state Department of Environmental Conservation released a proposal to ban outdoor wood-burning boilers during the summer months on Thursday, one of several regulations the agency proposed.
The proposal includes banning boilers in the summer because that is when neighbors are likely to be enjoying the outdoors or be inside with their windows open, officials said. Only existing units that meet new requirements will not be banned.
"This proposal will ensure that new outdoor wood boilers are cleaner, and that existing boilers be used in the most environmentally sound way possible," DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis said in a news release.
Also, the DEC is proposing emission limits on new boilers sold in the state, setting a minimum distance that new units are to be located from neighboring properties, specific fuel restrictions, stack height requirements and a nuisance provision for both new and existing outdoor boilers.
"The DEC is continually working to improve air quality, so that all New Yorkers can breathe air that is clean and healthy," Grannis said.
The Perth Town Board has been discussing altering wood-boiler laws within the town since December and recently has proposed a local law that would restrict the use of outdoor wood boilers in the town Memorial Day to Labor Day. The proposed law also includes a waiver residents can apply for, so owners without close neighbors can use their boilers year-round.
Supervisor Greg Fagan said the state’s proposal will not affect the town’s decision to continue with its lawmaking process and he believes the board will vote on it at the upcoming May 6 Town Board meeting.
"We’re going to go ahead to do what we’re going to do," Fagan said. "We have people in our community that want something done."
Other local municipalities already have altered laws for outdoor wood boilers.
In September, the Gloversville Common Council approved a resolution that outlines usage restrictions for wood boilers in the city.
The restrictions detailed that residents are required to have a permit for a boiler and also set requirements for stack heights, operation times and setbacks. The stacks are to be two feet above the highest point that is within 500 feet of the boiler. They also require a boiler be set back no less than 100 feet from the nearest property line.
In July 2008, the town of Mayfield passed a law that banned the use of outdoor wood boilers during the summer months. The law was developed in response to several residents who complained that smoke from outdoor wood boilers was severely affecting their quality of life. The law says residents cannot use any outdoor wood boiler from May 30 to Sept. 1, unless they are granted
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