2010 April 23: AZ Maricopa County: Two NE Valley council members tapped for clean-air effort

2010 April 23: AZ Maricopa County: Two NE Valley council members tapped for clean-air effort

Apr. 23, 2010 09:26 AM
The Arizona Republic

Maricopa County’s Air Quality Department has chosen council members from Scottsdale and Fountain Hills to spread the word about the Valley’s brown cloud.

Scottsdale Councilman Tony Nelssen and Fountain Hills Councilman Dennis Brown were appointed ambassadors this week for the county’s clean-air


Other ambassadors include Goodyear Councilwoman Joanne Osborne, Tempe Councilman Corey Woods and Councilman Bill Gates from Phoenix.

"Maricopa County is in the desert, and it’s hard to keep the particulate count down," said Brown, a councilman since 2009. "We actually have some long-term goals as well as some local goals."

Ambassadors are expected to create awareness to reduce the days the county exceeds federal health standards for air pollution, according to the Air Quality Department.

Nelssen and Brown vowed to get the word out about pollution, which threatens the health of Valley residents though particulate matter.

High amounts of the matter seep into the throat and nose and enter the lungs, causing aggravated symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. People with heart and lung conditions are especially susceptible.

Maricopa County and the Maricopa Association of Governments have a plan to reduce particulate emissions by 5 percent each year.

Brown, a general contractor, told the Scottsdale Republic he has been involved in dust control through the permit process. His goal is to reach out to the Fountain Hills community.

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