2010 April 26: OR: Selling Your House? You May Need to Ditch Your Old Wood Stove First

2010 April 26: OR: Selling Your House? You May Need to Ditch Your Old Wood Stove First

Article by: John Ledger – April 21, 2010

Rulemaking for AOI-backed requirement is a much needed move for business development and public health

As of August 1, if you sell your house and you have an old, non-certified wood stove, you may have to remove the stove before the sale can take place. Exactly how the process would work, along with notification and verification, is the subject of DEQ rulemaking currently underway.

Although it may seem like just another item added on to an already lengthy moving day checklist, from a business perspective this is a good idea. Older, non-EPA/DEQ certified wood stoves are big, sometimes the biggest, emitters of fine particulate matter (AKA smoke). Now that EPA has promulgated a new, much more stringent standard for particulate matter in our outside air, several areas of the state are expected to trip into “non-attainment” (e.g. found to be violating the standard). When that happens, siting a facility or expanding an existing one becomes very difficult. The changing out of old high polluting stoves will help those areas in non-attainment clean up their air, as well as helping to keep other areas from violating the standard in the first place. This is a critical requirement for attracting new manufacturing.

In addition, old wood stoves emit many times more fine particulates than newer certified stoves, and this fine particulate is especially nasty when inhaled. Phasing these old stoves out can make a real difference in public health.

Some places, e.g. Deschutes County, Jackson County, Klamath County, the cities of Lakeview, Bend and Medford, already have such requirements.

Fireplaces are exempted.

The stove phase was authorized by SB 102 in 2009, and was jointly supported by AOI, DEQ, and the Oregon Environmental Council. Final rules are in the work. You can find out more here.

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