2010 April 25: IL Chicago: Air particulates and pollution: Test knowledge and win Energy Star Appliances

2010 April 25: IL Chicago: Air particulates and pollution: Test knowledge and win Energy Star Appliances

April 25, 5:16 PM · Marisa Naujokas – Chicago Environmental Health Examiner

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How much do know about particulates in air? Why are particulates a concern for our health? Test your knowledge and enter to win Energy Star Appliances.
Partners for Clean Air is offering Chicago metropolitan area residents this opportunity to learn about air pollution and what we can do about it. The non-profit coalition, dedicated to improving air quality awareness in the Chicago metropolitan area, is testing resident’s knowledge about air pollution through a brief online quiz. The contest ends on April 30, 2010.

The contest is part of a public awareness campaign called “Particulate Matters to Me,” and teaches residents about air quality and the hazards of particulate matter pollution.
Particulate matter, also known as particle pollution, is made up of tiny particles and liquid droplets found in the air. These particles come from a variety of sources including factories, construction sites, cars, wood-burning fires, and even some household products. Although these particles are small, they have been linked to serious respiratory problems including aggravated asthma and chronic bronchitis. They can also create an increased health risks for children, the elderly, and people with lung or heart disease.

“Earth Week is a time when many people are thinking about the ways in which they can live ‘greener’ at home and at work,” said Kim Biggs, Chair of Partners for Clean Air. “This campaign helps residents better understand air quality and how their daily actions and decisions can impact the air we breathe.”

“Particulate Matters to Me” launched in late February 2010 and targets residents in the following counties in Illinois: Cook, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will.

Founded in 1995, Partners for Clean Air is a coalition dedicated to bringing cleaner air to the Chicago metropolitan area. It unites businesses, organizations and individuals all committed to reducing harmful emissions and improving air quality. 
For more info: Learn about air quality standards at the U.S. EPA Air Quality site. For more information on what you can do to help improve air quality in Chicago, visit the Partners for Clean Air Web site.

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Marisa Naujokas is an Examiner from Chicago. You can see Marisa’s articles at: "http://www.Examiner.com/x-20632-Chicago-Environmental-Health-Examiner"

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