2010 April 30: CA Los Angeles: Air Quality Certified Sweepers – What is Rule 1186?

2010 April 30: CA Los Angeles: Air Quality Certified Sweepers – What is Rule 1186?

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What are PM 10 emissions? PM or particulate matter is a term for solid or liquid particl
es found in the air that are emitted from diesel trucks, power plants, and even wood stoves. Some particles are large or dark enough to be seen as soot or smoke. Others are so small they can be detected only with an electron microscope. They range in size from less than 10 nanometers to more than 100 micrometers in diameter.
Because of increasing pollution in Southern California, the EPA created a new standard that focuses on smaller particles. The PM-10 standard includes particles with a diameter of 10 micrometers or less, which equates to one-seventh the width of a human hair. Major concerns for human health from exposure to PM-10 include effects on breathing and respiratory systems, damage to lung tissue, cancer, and premature death. The elderly, children, and people with asthma are especially sensitive to the effects of particulate matter.
Rule 1186 was established by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for the purpose to reducing the amount of particulate matter entrained in the ambient air as a result of vehicular travel on public roads.
A PM10-efficient street sweeper is a street sweeper that is certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District as meeting the testing and performance standards set forth in SCAQMD Rule 1186. All certified street sweepers in San Diego, California must be operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
PM10-efficient street sweepers may be used for cleaning dirt carried out from a construction site onto public roads. Using blower devices or rotary brushes or brooms without water is prohibited.
Government agencies and contractors who provide street sweeping services in San Diego must place into service at least one PM10-efficient street sweeper by June 1, 2008. The use of Bobcat sweepers is currently prohibited. For general contractors who need to hire a street sweeper that is an air quality certified sweeper, ask your sweeper contractor to provide a certification list with their approved equipment listed.

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