2010 April 30: PA & WA OWB rule bullet points


2010 April 30: PA & WA OWB rule bullet points


One outdoor wood boiler produces as much

fine particle per hour as:

two heavy duty diesel trucks

45 passenger cars

1000 oil furnaces

1800 gas furnaces

Source: New York Attorney General, 2008.

Phase 2 voluntary


Cuts emissions in half

from Phase 1 levels

Program began Oct.


As of March 2010,

models not meeting

Phase 2 not “qualified”

Washington State Rule

Even the cleanest outdoor wood

fired boilers

are 3 to 5 times more polluting than a

certified wood stove meeting Washington

emission standards

Source : Washington State Department of Ecology

Pa. Proposed Rule (1)

Phase 2 Units after effective date of rule

Minimum 150 foot setback for Phase 2 unit

Minimum stack height 10 feet

Stacks 2 feet above nearest residence

Phase 2: within 150 feet

Existing boilers: within 500 feet

Pa. Proposed Rule (2)

Fuels: clean wood; wood pellets; some oil, gas or

propane; other DEP

approved fuels

Notice: fuel, Pa. rules, possible local rules, possible


Collect information about buyer, boiler location

Requests comment on seasonal prohibition May 1 to

Sept. 30

Requires compliance with Pa. statutes and other air


Draft Final Pa. Rule

Narrows applicability

Exempts existing boilers from stack heights

Eliminates minimum stack heights based on

neighboring residences

Reduces setbacks for new boilers

Eliminates notices

Eliminates data gathering

No seasonal prohibition

Photo Credits

Slide 1: The Indiana Gazette

Slides 2, 3, 7, 8, 13: http://www.vermontwoodsmoke.orgSlide 9: http://www.publicdomain.net

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